Welcome to my pencil portrait website!

My evolution as an artist goes way back from when I was a child. I was always scribbling on a piece of paper, playing songs by ear on the piano or trying to draw my favorite Disney characters as accurately as possible. I started taking a lot of different classes when I turned about 7: painting, fine arts, singing, drawing and piano. And through all that I kept drawing almost everyday, for long I think pencils had become my favorite medium to work with and I believe it is safe to say that I've been drawing for the past 20 years now. Through elementary school I won a lot of contests at school and through the local journal, in high school my style became more cartoonish, manga-inspired and I then went to college in 2D animation, where ironically, my style became more realistic and closer to the work I do today. After college I took a makeup artistry class and have been working in the makeup industry ever since and still, never letting go of my love for drawing I ended up being recognized for my talent and started to do commissioned work for people.
So here I am today, being blessed enough to draw my way through life.