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3 figures
4 figures
8" x 10"
8" 1/2" x 11"
12" x 16"

Prices are in CAD and are the same in USD.
Other sizes would be available but would need to be discussed.
Contact me for infos.

For yourself it's an unforgettable souvenir, for a loved one it is a perfect unique gift whether it's for a birthday, for Christmas or any other occasions.
I always work from photographs, so please note that my drawings can only be as good as the picture you send me. Which means that the bigger the picture, the better I draw the details. Pictures taken outside usually have the most interesting effects in a drawing in terms of shading and highlights!

Any demands that you might have concerning the drawing are usually do-able, for example:
-merge different photos together to have different subjects in the same drawing
-remove pimples, blemishes, soften wrinkles, rearrange hair, give a eye makeup effect on female subjects
-draw different clothes than the one on the original picture if you have a photo reference
Any ideas/requests that you might have are possible, we just need to discuss the details to make sure that I understand your demands and deliver what you expect.

Material used

I only work with Strathmore Bristol Smooth or Vellum paper which is acid free and heavy weight. Acid free meaning that it is made to preserve the document for long periods of time. As for the pencils I use the Staedtler drawing pencils ranged from 8B to 6H to have the most variety in terms of shading and also with some charcoal pencils.
To make sure that the drawing won't fade during years I fix them with the non-yellowing Pebeo fixative for pastel, pencil and charcoal. It fixes the color without modifying it's appearance, so basically it means that it prevents the drawing from fading over time and it also prevents the paper from turning yellow.

Payments & shipping
I ask for 1/2 of the payment up front once the draft has been approved by you and the other 1/2 once you approve the final drawing. I accept payments through paypal and money orders although other forms of payments can be discussed.
Buyer is to pay for shipping charges, I prefer sending the items via an express carrier in a well secured envelope to avoid any folds in the drawing and to make sure you receive it faster but other shipping methods would be available if asked.